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ON THE ROAD // Pisa. Rom. Sicily. in five days

  Going to places you´ve never been before. As often as you can. When we move and travel, we feel free. Perhaps because we leave all these thoughts behind and see things as they are. Not thinking how they may be. Joanna and I have this passion for traveling. We were room mates during the last […]

M + R // romantic wedding in ristorante Palalladio

  Sometimes, like now for instance, I sit in front of my computer wondering how to describe this wedding in words, introducing the following blogpost. And I fail, every. single. time. How could I possibly write down how much I appreciate these people? How much joy it is to see them unconditionally happy. Why can´t […]

VRONI + ROLAND – wedding in castle Pertenstein

  I see so much love and pure happiness in these people´s faces. And than, somewhere between changing camera settings and lenses, I think to myself what a wonderful world.    Vroni and Roland said yes on a sunny day under the sky at Schloss Pertenstein – a castle straight out of a fairy tale, […]

KATJA + KEVIN – wedding in Burghausen castle

  A high school in Portland, 5th grade. At that time, he knew her as the „German girl“… Who would have thought that 18 years later Katja and Kevin would be standing in a castle, in Germany, getting married, surrounded by their friends from the US and all over the world. „It blows my mind…“ – […]

PASSION// a personal project // featuring PABLO & SILVINA

    Dancing in the street like nobody´s watching… Silvina and Pablo do this everyday. Well, not only in the street, but also at many international salsa congresses and for instance at the street-life festival here in Munich last weekend.   They are all about passion. Especially for their students, each other and of course, for […]


  Hey folks! It´s us… – two little rockstars – almost 8 weeks old today – quite small, but twice as big as we were 2 month ago And we love – food – and sleep – the sun shining on our little noses – cuddling with mommy and daddy and making them smile  


  It was the summer of 2011 when I first had this idea. It was a crazy one. I wondered what would happen if I tried to turn my hobby into something bigger. So, in the beginning of this year I started my photography business and I´m incredibly thankful for all the experiences I have had […]