how wonderful is life..? happy birthday, little big miracle!






It is wonderful to make someone happy with a picture. A real picture, that you can hold in your hands.

The families we photographed yesterday at the hospital Deutsches Herzzentrum are going through tough times right now. And you would not expect as many smiles in such a place as we saw… but in the end it´s life and it´s about holding your loved ones close, in good times as in bad.

Help portrait is a global movement of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need. I blogged about it last year as well: http://www.kristina-assenova.com/blog/help-portrait-munich-2012/

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Care-in-action is a small charity, that supports the life of Ukrainian orphans in creating a better future. The people, who started the organization, are two individuals that I know, who are doing amazing work to change a small corner of this world.

All proceeds from the next photo shoot with me, will go straight to care-in-action. If you would like to be part of this, let me know.


ON THE ROAD // Pisa. Rom. Sicily. in five days


Going to places you´ve never been before. As often as you can. When we move and travel, we feel free. Perhaps because we leave all these thoughts behind and see things as they are. Not thinking how they may be.

Joanna and I have this passion for traveling. We were room mates during the last year of university and it´s interesting we´ve never had a fight although we shared such a tiny space together. Another thing we have in common, is being hardcore-spontaneous. This trip to Italy is a good example…

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PASSION// a personal project // featuring PABLO & SILVINA



Dancing in the street like nobody´s watching… Silvina and Pablo do this everyday. Well, not only in the street, but also at many international salsa congresses and for instance at the street-life festival here in Munich last weekend.  

They are all about passion. Especially for their students, each other and of course, for SALSA. Three years ago they opened their own dance academy in Munich – Salsamás where they dance and teach from the heart. I was highly impressed by their enthusiasm and the energy they put into it. It was great seeing how proud they were of their students, who also performed on Sunday. Thank you guys for these couple of hours with you. You all rocked the stage!!! 

PS.: Silvina and Pablo also organize the Mambo Festival here in Munich, which is next weekend from 5-7th July. I´ll be there. So see you maybe on the dance floor!


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Hey folks! It´s us…

– two little rockstars
– almost 8 weeks old today
– quite small, but twice as big as we were 2 month ago

And we love

– food
– and sleep
– the sun shining on our little noses
– cuddling with mommy and daddy and making them smile


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