M + R // romantic wedding in ristorante Palalladio


Sometimes, like now for instance, I sit in front of my computer wondering how to describe this wedding in words, introducing the following blogpost. And I fail, every. single. time. How could I possibly write down how much I appreciate these people? How much joy it is to see them unconditionally happy. Why can´t we all be like this all the time – fully alive, simply enjoying every single moment. When I take the photographs of their beautiful day, I feel connected in a very special way. They cry and laugh, kiss and hug, right front of my eyes. And thanks to my camera, that magical machine, I´m allowed to be part of it.

I will never be able to explain why I cannot imagine a better job, than making memories for others.

Mia and Robby, thank you for everything! I wish you all the best and hope to see you very soon again.

Love from Munich,















oh hey, someone even took a picture of Robby + best man, Mia and me! 🙂 Thank you, stranger-probably-a-photographer-on-his-free-day







location: ristorante Palladio
shoot location:  botanic garden in Augsburg