Packaging for my clients

This wooden box is a timeless and beautiful storage for some memories. I really enjoy taking pictures out of their computer monitor life and giving my clients not only digital files, but something to hold in their hands, too.

Have a look at the packaging for my clients and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love and hugs,

Packaging-Photography-Kristina-Assenova-8 Packaging-Photography-Kristina-Assenova-9Packaging-Photography-Kristina-Assenova-10


PS: This package is on the way to the lovely M&M, they celebrated their wedding two weeks ago in Schloss Amerang, with lots of ice cream, hugs, kisses and the best food in Southern Germany by Peppi Kalteis Catering.
Lots of love to these two! Slowly I start realizing what a privilege it is to have real dream clients. It changes everything. I love my job. Thank you for that amazing experience!

Hochzeitswahn – the magazine

What a wonderful magazine issue by Hochzeitswahn with so many talented colleagues from the entire industry! Finally being able to hold it – great layout, text, paper & inspiration, everything for the brides to be out there. Big thank you to my lovely clients for sharing their story on 10 pages!

Floral Design: Petra Müller Blumen | Cake: Alma Pasteles | Ceremony & Wedding Venue: Bavarian National Museum | Hair & Make Up: Vroni Liebl | Wedding Coaching And Consulting: Hochzeitskonzept | Wedding Speaker: Gunter Mehler 

MarryMag Issue No. 4, a wedding in the South of Spain


Hey folks,

I’ve never shown you the article about the Spanish wedding in Málaga, MarryMag​ featured in its 4th issue. Here it comes in full length, 10 pages. Enjoy!
This specific feature has helped me tremendously to get my name out there, so that my type of clients would actually find me. Thanks again so much to the MarryMag team and to my Spanish crew.


MarryMag | Kristina Assenova | Spanish wedding Titel-1



MarryMag: Wie haben Luisa und Javi Dich gefunden?

Kristina: Das war über ein paar Ecken. Ich spreche fließend spanisch und es war schon immer mein Traum, mal eine spanische Hochzeit zu fotografieren. Read more

WEDDING ALBUM // out of your desktop – into your hands


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were no ipads, no iphones and no [insert another half-eaten-fruit-device here]. In the evenings everyone sat by the fire (at least in my fantasy they did) and told each other stories. It didn´t matter there was no electricity from time to time, because back then people had real books to hold and their memories were printed on paper…



It was the summer of 2011 when I first had this idea.

It was a crazy one. I wondered what would happen if I tried to turn my hobby into something bigger. So, in the beginning of this year I started my photography business and I´m incredibly thankful for all the experiences I have had and the amazing people I have met, because of that decision. The greatest support I  receive comes from my clients and it is because of these wonderful people that I want to continue what I´m doing and give them my very best.

So here it goes, the beginning of a story…
This blog will be all about people, about LOVE. I´m so excited to share it all with you.

– Kristina