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My brain works slow when it comes to written word sometimes. I´m just gonna say it like Paul Ripke, that photographer guy, who captured with his Leica Germany´s team right after winning the world cup the other day and was the only one allowed to stand on the field next to them: “I don´t wanna […]


  May 2014. Waking up to the sound of donkeys. Mallorca is some sort of paradise and it offers the perfect light and settings for photographs nearly throughout the whole year. It certainly is exciting to have another (wedding) photographer in front of the camera. Sabrina and I met through work. Exchanged experience. Became friends. […]


  Luisa is damn right. “…el trabajo lo puedes encontrar en cualquier sitio, puedes cambiarlo y no pasa nada. Pero cuando conoces el amor de tu vida… no puedes dejarlo escapar.” “You can find a job in any place, you can change it and it´s ok. But when you meet the love of your life, […]

J + P // international wedding in Neutrauchburg

  The first time I met Janice and Patrick one year ago at his sister´s wedding, I didn´t know: 1. they were engaged 2. they would let me photograph their wedding… 3. they had so many best friends who would come all the way from Singapore and Indonesia to celebrate with them And how many […]

RIO DE JANEIRO // don´t bullshit a bullshitter

Rio de Janeiro. That exciting city. A dangerous one. It treated me well. It´s people – strong, awake, willing to make the change this place so urgently needs. They took me in to celebrate Easter with their family, treated me like one of them and made me feel at home for that day. May I […]

WEDDING ALBUM // out of your desktop – into your hands

  Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were no ipads, no iphones and no [insert another half-eaten-fruit-device here]. In the evenings everyone sat by the fire (at least in my fantasy they did) and told each other stories. It didn´t matter there was no electricity from time to time, because back then […]

ARGENTINA // Buenos Aires + Iguazu

  “If you could be happy, really happy, for just a while, but you knew from the start that it would end in sadness, and bring pain afterwards, would you choose to have that happiness or would you avoid it?” (G. D. Roberts in Shantaram)