People celebrate their wedding at a hotel, a mountain hut or a castle. Sometimes it´s their own garden.


“Every single guest today is here with us for a reason.” Sonja and Jürgen welcomed their closest family and a handful of their best friends home – the people sharing life with them on a daily basis. The bride got dressed at a friend´s place, that used to be the apartment where Sonja and Jürgen moved in together for the first time. Years later, her own wedding dress was hanging at that place full of memories. And Romeo and Scarlett are playing with daddy around the corner. She wore a beautiful engagement ring, yet both of them decided not to exchange extra wedding rings. Because, why should you follow a tradition that doesn’t make sense to you? In the end it’s your day and there shouldn’t be any to-should-dos or have-tos. Only want-tos. It was quite impressive to me how they turned their home into a beautiful wedding-party-place. Everything was made with so much care and love for the detail. Even the tables were self-made extra for that day. A team of professional cooks prepared an art-like menu (you can see my vegetarian one further down here) in their garage. Sooo delicious! But not only the food was exceptional. The whole creative team did a great job. Priceless. I see so many things going wrong if you compromise. Tears, because of your hairstyle or make up that you don’t like. Tears, because of your bouquet that is only “ok” because the flowers are one week old. It should be the LAST THING that stresses you out on your wedding. It happens way too often. Choose a great team instead! 🙂

hair & make up: Melanie Robin
flowers: Flower Sensation
stationary: Heart Advertising