WEDDING ALBUM // out of your desktop – into your hands


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were no ipads, no iphones and no [insert another half-eaten-fruit-device here]. In the evenings everyone sat by the fire (at least in my fantasy they did) and told each other stories. It didn´t matter there was no electricity from time to time, because back then people had real books to hold and their memories were printed on paper…

What if I told you that this can be a reality again.
Please print your photos! It is not the same as having them on some hard drive or USB. It is magical to hold a real photograph in your hands – as a fine art canvas, framed, as a loose print in box or all together in a photo book.
I´m happy to show you my new product, available for all my past and future clients! Get in touch with me, if you would like to have one.
Thanks to my lovely, beautiful, mega talented Sabrina for taking a few images of proud-me holding my first ever portfolio album.

TOP 4 websites I can recommend for photo prints:

1. white wall
2. saal digital
3. ifolor
4. fotobuchexpress 24 


“Photography is a tough life: you can be taken, framed, exposed, shot, captured, and hung all in the same day.” ~Author Unknown

… as long as you get it OUT of your desktop and INTO your hands, all is good.