Still believe in magic..?

Well yes, I do.

Oh yes, I do.

Of course I do!



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J + P // international wedding in Neutrauchburg


The first time I met Janice and Patrick one year ago at his sister´s wedding, I didn´t know:

1. they were engaged
2. they would let me photograph their wedding…
3. they had so many best friends who would come all the way from Singapore and Indonesia to celebrate with them

And how many days do we have with them and our families, all in one place, well dressed and with no permission to complain about the weather but find a million reasons why it´s just great when it rains today. Together, to share the big moments. Jan and Pat, you are blessed to have all these people in your lives. Keep your love for one another and for them. And kick ass at wedding no. 2 in Bali!!!


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SIMONE + MARTIN // wedding in villa Flosslaende Munich


Alright! Sit down and grab yourself a beverage. There will be not many words for this here. But more moments captured on (not even) film than ever. Let me tell you a story my way…


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When two people from different countries decide to share life. They bring their families together. And the families of their families. Connecting the world with love. The most beautiful aspect of globalization in my perception. 

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CARMEN + KAI. wedding in Reiteralm. part 2


BAAAAM. Here comes the bride. And the groom. Lot´s of pretty little things as well.

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VRONI + ROLAND – wedding in castle Pertenstein


I see so much love and pure happiness in these people´s faces.

And than, somewhere between changing camera settings and lenses, I think to myself

what a wonderful world. 


Vroni and Roland said yes on a sunny day under the sky at Schloss Pertenstein – a castle straight out of a fairy tale, near Chiemsee. Over 40 children alone attended this wedding, little angels were just everywhere. 

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KATJA + KEVIN – wedding in Burghausen castle


A high school in Portland, 5th grade.
At that time, he knew her as the „German girl“…

Who would have thought that 18 years later Katja and Kevin would be standing in a castle, in Germany, getting married, surrounded by their friends from the US and all over the world. „It blows my mind…“ – he said before raising their glasses, to the next 20, 50 and 70 years together.

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