All the energy and love put into that little video goes to Lisa and Beni, who are simply a match made in heaven. 🙂 Enjoy!

Presenting selected photographs in a slideshow with some music is such a great way to show the emotion of a wedding. I’m always searching for a “better” and more fun, more real way to show photos… and so far my clients are loving it.

How come I´ve not done this from the very beginning?! Let´s thank the hackers first. My website has been hacked a couple of times in the last months, so all the new safety methods made “classic” blogging too time-consuming for me lately.

What seems like stones and headaches in your way though, are often chances to start something again, with a new and fresh approach, that you wouldn´t have seen before. So here´s to the stones in the way! To new beginnings.